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Golden apples 3

Golden apples

Let’s wander through Ile Saint-Louis (Paris IV), may the artists of today be your best guides. Suddenly, your feets and your eyes stop in front of a strange an fascinating scultpture. You are standing in front of the windows of the Laurence Guerrieri gallery (7, Boutarel Street). Not only one, in fact, but a series of small, medium an big golden apples seem to be expecting you. Thanks to the talent and genius of Yann Faisant, a visual artist, inspired by apple as much as he is, by gincko, gold and gunmetal, the public has the power to bite the apple with the eyes, so that nobody can suspect or accuse him (or her) of committing the original sin…


Apple time, an exhibition by Yann Faisant. Laurence Guerrieri gallery.

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