Opus A

Opus A – Golden apples decorated with a ginkgo biloba leaf, a 7-sculpture series, in perfect alignment, diameters ranging from 7 cm to 137 cm, in gold and bronze, alluding to the themes of transformation and resistance that are implicit in all of Yann Faisant’s work.

The apple no doubt is the most symbolically loaded fruit, for it is the essential fruit. In Latin, pomum means fruit, whilst in French, an apple is a pomme.

In ancient mythologies, apples were very often golden, as in the Garden of the Hesperides. There, the nymphs treasured golden apples given by Gaia to Hera as a wedding present, and one of Hercules’s twelve labors consisted of snatching those miraculous apples that provided their owner with immortality.

One should remember that it is through the “transformation” of the jewels of Yacoub El Mansour’s wife that the Mosque of the Golden Apples was built in Marrakesh.